Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Lawn

I'm so very excited to blog about our new lawn! We've had the landscapers working on our property for the past couple of weeks and I wasn't sure if we were getting a lawn in before winter or not...but it happened! It ended up being a lot more lawn than I expected, but we still have a TON of room for the garden, herbs and other plants and trees. It's amazing how different our house looks, and it will take some getting used to but I'm just so happy with how things are looking! Our landscapers have done such a good job and I can't wait until next spring and summer when we'll have pretty much everything set up for us!
Of course our boy Miles played on the grass a little bit tonight, but then he went back to his old favorites...mud and dirt. Oh well, I think he'll enjoy the lawn more next summer.

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