Friday, October 30, 2009

Getting ready for Halloween!

Miles always loves to help out in the kitchen! This past week we made some sugar cookies! We delivered some to the boys at the shop and to grandma Karen...Miles had a good time doing this!

Miles is going to be a dinosaur this Halloween! He loved his costume and even made me take a picture of the tail (not posted on here).

What would Halloween be without a devil kitty? She always hangs around when we do stuff, but she gets grouchy with Miles when he tries to tackle her.

Miles the psycho-pants boy! He had a little too much fun with the carving knife!

Finished pumpkins!!! Yay, good thing I had a couple of candles lying around to put in the jack-o-lanterns or I would've been in trouble.

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Juresk said...

Stop growing up Miles!! I miss you. Also I love the costume!!